Are my donations to Heaven & Earth Foundation tax deductible?

Heaven & Earth Foundation has obtained 501c(3) or non-profit charitable organization status with the IRS. Any donations made are eligible for income tax deduction as a charitable contribution.

How did you come up with the name for the foundation?

One of the first directors of the foundation was Blackhawk (Peter Von Brandenburg) whose father, the late painter Paul Brach, offered much support and encouragement with the project. "Heaven and Earth" is the title of one of his paintings and nicely describes the desired sphere of activity of the Foundation. It is a little more poetic than Bill's "Sky/Ground". In addition to being a wonderful painter, Paul was one hell of a horseman and cowboy and loved New Mexico.

What is the meaning of the symbols in the corners of the page?

These are from the I Ching, a Chinese system of divination which dates back as far as 5000 B.C. They are the two hexagrams formed by the trigrams for the heavenly or celestial and the earth. QIAN (being creative, Heaven, having a tendency to go up) consists of three solid lines. KUN (being receptive, Earth, having a tendency to go down) consists of the three broken lines. The two possible combinations produce quite different results.

In Phî, the 12th hexagram, the creative heaven is above the receptive earth, and is known as STANDSTILL. The creative powers are moving in opposite directions and cannot meet. Yin does not meet with Yang, there will come a misfortune or trouble.

"In Phî there is the want of good understanding between the (different classes of) men, and its indication is unfavourable to the firm and correct course of the superior man. We see in it the great gone and the little come." (1)

The other possiblity is the 11th hexagram Thâi PEACE. The receptive earth above moves down, the creative heaven below moves up and their influences meet and are in harmony.

"In Thâi (we see) the little gone and the great come. (It indicates that) there will be good fortune, with progress and success."(1)

"Heaven and Earth unite: the image of PEACE.
Thus the ruler divides and completes the course of heaven and earth;
He furthers and regulates the gifts of heaven and earth,
And so aids the people.(2)

1) The I Ching, James Legge, tr. Sacred Books of the East, vol. 16 [1899]
2) The I Ching or Book of Changes by C.F. Baynes (Editor), R. Wilhelm (Translator), Cary F. Baynes