Heaven & Earth Foundation seeks to enable the realization of public artworks which create palpably deliberate, large scale, ephemeral mark making in the environment. Such artworks would employing phenomena which have thus far only seen inadvertent mark making as the result of human activity.

Three Projects in the Sky/Ground Series have been identified as candidates for Foundation support:

  • The Reentry Series involves the creation of drawings rendered by arrays of artificial meteors in the skies above major cities.

    Since the beginning of space exploration the atmospheric reentry of man-made artifacts has created what could be seen as synthetic meteors. The pattern and timing of these synthetic meteors has been a side effect of other technical or scientific objectives or as the result of accidents.

    The Reentry Series is the innaugural project of Heaven & Earth Foundation and will require a long-term commitment due to the scale of the project, technical complexity, and cost of mounting the works.

    A small brochure was prepared for the Heaven & Earth Launch Part at Postmasters Gallery in New York on July 28th, 2005. The brochure has a short description of the Foundation and the Reentry Series.

  • The Cumulus Series intends to create artificial cloud formations in preordained, geometric patterns.

    Many cities now routinely produce artificial clouds in the skies above them, a micrometeorological result of the localized heating and increased humidity of the urban environment. The visible structure of these cloud formations is accidental rather than deliberately composed. Few people seeing them realize they are artificially produced.

  • The Kahmsin (Dust Up) Series employs large numbers of motorized vehicles to create drawings in the form of artificial dust storms.

    Artificial dust storms can be produced by large movements of human populations, disasterous agricultural practices which produce desertification, or the progress of large numbers of vehicles across undeveloped terrain. The latter could be as a result of large motorsport competitions or military invasion by motorized columns. These artificial dust storms can rival the scale of such naturally ocurring events.

    Two additional projects in the Sky/Ground Series do not require Foundation support, either due to collaboration with other agencies or due to their fundamentally conceptual nature. They are included here to provide additional context for the other projects.

  • The Fireline Series requires collaboration with land management agencies and private landowners to set prescribed fires in specifically determined patterns.

    The widespread setting of prescribed burns as a modern tool for land management has resulted in vast fires set in deliberate patterns, but these patterns have been governed strictly by the technical objectives of fuel reduction in order to ameliorate the effects of prior ineffective management. The Fireline series will instead render these patterns as aesthetic figures.

  • The Grid Switch Series explores and simulates mechanisms for dynamic switching of an urban power grid.

    Viewed from space there is very little evidence of visible human activity on earth. Perhaps the most dominant visible artifact of human habitation of the planet is the lights of cities at night. The pattern of these lights has been an accident of urban development. Their variation has been strictly as the result of catastrophic failures of the power distribution grid. This can be due to accidental blackouts or as planned rolling blackouts in developing countries.